American Druze Foundation

American Druze Foundation

The American Druze Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study, preservation, and enhancement of Druze cultural heritage within the American Druze community and the Druze community at large.

Proudly, the ADF celebrates Druze heritage by building a deeper understanding of the Druze in American society, advancing the Druze people through education and investments, and strengthening social ties among the Druze. The ADF nurtures pride in the American Druze identity through role modeling, effective communication, and celebration of Druze culture, values and contributions to American Society.

Druze Be Counted

The Druze Survey is a survey organized by the American Druze Foundation to better understand how many American Druze live in the United States and where they live.

Preserve. Educate. Celebrate.

The American Druze Foundation nurtures the pride in the American Druze identity through participation in diverse interfaith activities and programs aimed at advancing the Druze people and developing relationships between Druze communities in America and around the world.

The ADF supports the preservation of traditions within the Druze communities in the United States, through education and by sponsoring a wide variety of educational and cultural programs and activities.

The ADF also celebrates Druze heritage by underwriting symposia, lectures, exhibitions, artistic performances and more.

A Message From The ADF Chair

“It is in the roots, not the branches, that a tree’s greatest strength lies.”

Just like the roots of a tree feed it with nutrients to help it grow, a person’s understanding of their roots — who they are and where they come from — helps nourish their growth in life. A person who knows their roots and has a strong sense of identity is a person that approaches life with confidence and withstands whatever adversity comes their way.

This is the essence of the American Druze Foundation’s mission: to deepen the connection of the American Druze community with the Druze heritage. The Druze tradition is rich in values that serve as an “inner compass” and ground its adherents with the true nature of existence separating what is real from what is not — the substance from the form. We owe it to ourselves and the future generations to better understand our own story so we can make sense of the world we live in and find joy and purpose in an ever more demanding world.

Since its founding more than thirty-two years ago, the ADF has demonstrated stability and resourcefulness to raise millions of dollars and implement and support a wide range of programs in the US and abroad that serve Druze interests. The foundation has been managed with a keen focus on enabling programs with long-lasting effects and maximizing their impact in accordance with their intended purpose. The ADF has and will continue to serve as an enabling organization to our Druze community and support other Druze organizations and individuals serving the various needs of the community. Please take a moment to learn more about the ADF and its history and programs. Our website has been updated and we intend to continue to enhance it to provide useful resources to our community.

I have been privileged to serve on the ADF board since 2019 and as Chair since 2021. During this time, I have had the pleasure to work with people on the ADF board and outside the organization who deeply care about the community and have the vision and desire to do good. Although aid programs are not core to the ADF mission, the board recognized the moral obligation to aid our Druze communities back home in these times of extreme need and as such the ADF focused in the last few years on implementing and supporting carefully conceived relief projects in Lebanon and Syria.

Going forward, the ADF plans to resume its focus on core mission programs, which the board is currently evaluating with a particular focus on enabling engagement of the American Druze community and promoting a better understanding of who we are. To my fellow board members, I say thank you for your commitment, and on their behalf, I express my deep gratitude to our network of supporters for their generosity. We take the trust placed in us very seriously to continue to serve the long-term interests of our community.

Wael Fayad
Chair, American Druze Foundation