American Druze Foundation

Who We Are

The American Druze Foundation (ADF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study, preservation, and enhancement of Druze cultural heritage within the American Druze community and the Druze community at large.

Proudly, ADF celebrates the Druze heritage by building a deeper understanding of the Druze in the American community, advancing the Druze people through education and investments, and strengthening social ties among the Druze.  ADF nurtures the pride in the American Druze identity through role modeling, effective communication, and celebration of our culture, values and contributions to the American Society.

What We Do

Druze Convention


The ADF nurtures the pride in the American Druze identity through participation in diverse interfaith activities and programs aimed at advancing the Druze people and developing relationships between Druze communities in America and around the world.

Beit el Deen


The ADF proliferates the traditions within the Druze communities in the United States, through education and by sponsoring a wide variety of educational and cultural programs and activities.


The ADF also celebrates the Druze heritage by underwriting symposia, lectures, exhibitions, artistic performances and more.

Recent Works

Georgetown University and Canoe club, 1910s

ADF Druze Studies at Georgetown University: A permanent home for Druze Studies at one of the world’s leading academic institutions.

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The ADF created and published a book on Early American Druze Immigrants, titled “Druze in America – The Early Years. A Collection of Stories

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The ADF helped sponsor documentary on Arab-Americans by Detroit Public TV, an Emmy Award-winning 13-part series for Public Television entitled Arab American Stories

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The ADF is duly registered and qualifies for exempt status for U.S. federal income tax purposes as a “section 501(c)(3)” organization, and is supported by private donations.