American Druze Foundation

American Druze Foundation

The American Druze Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study, preservation, and enhancement of Druze cultural heritage within the American Druze community and the Druze community at large.

Proudly, the ADF celebrates Druze heritage by building a deeper understanding of the Druze in American society, advancing the Druze people through education and investments, and strengthening social ties among the Druze. The ADF nurtures pride in the American Druze identity through role modeling, effective communication, and celebration of Druze culture, values and contributions to American Society.

Druze Be Counted

The Druze Survey is a survey organized by the American Druze Foundation to better understand how many American Druze live in the United States and where they live.

Preserve. Educate. Celebrate.

The American Druze Foundation nurtures the pride in the American Druze identity through participation in diverse interfaith activities and programs aimed at advancing the Druze people and developing relationships between Druze communities in America and around the world.

The ADF supports the preservation of traditions within the Druze communities in the United States, through education and by sponsoring a wide variety of educational and cultural programs and activities.

The ADF also celebrates Druze heritage by underwriting symposia, lectures, exhibitions, artistic performances and more.

A Message From The ADF Chair

Dear Friends of the American Druze Foundation,

We are proudly entering our 35th year. None of our accomplishments would have been possible without the generous support of our donors throughout the years. In the name of our Board of Directors, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude.

I am very excited to highlight the following new initiatives we are undertaking:

We value strong commitments to the betterment of communities, and with your help, we will continue to grow and reach new milestones. Thank you again for your support. We encourage you to explore our website, and please remember that we always like to hear from you.


Rabih Aridi, Chairman
American Druze Foundation