About The Druze

beit el deen2
Beit El Deen, Lebanon

The Druze abide by a few rules – adhering to wisdom; holding virtues high; being truthful and safeguarding our brethren; never bearing our glory on our forehead; nor carrying our faith on our sleeve.

As a people, they protect rights, freedoms, and nationalities, and are always willing to accept others. Loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, generosity, and truthfulness define them. In their communities, the Druze are volunteers, patriots, good neighbors, and loyal citizens. Indeed, their community was and continues to be at the forefront of civilization, progress, and liberty. They have held progressive values for a millennium and thrive to protect them. As professionals, business owners, and parents, as well as every role they play, they share the strong work ethic and cultural pride that their heritage represents. As they mature, the same characteristics are instilled in their children.

As a group, they are proud and highly productive contributors to the community that parents them. They brought with them customs, traditions, and a strong value system, that they integrate successfully into their daily lives.