The Druze Survey is a survey organized by the American Druze Foundation to better understand how many American Druze live in the United States and where they live. You’ll be asked questions such as: “how many people live or stay in your home,” and “what is the gender of each person.”

This information will allow us to:

Tell our story

We would like to be equipped with the tools necessary for historians, academics, and journalists to record our history and tell our American immigrant narrative.

Advocate for our community

There is strength in numbers. Understanding how many Druze there are, where they live, and what they do can ensure that we are appropriately represented as a community.

Build community cohesion

Our hope is that this survey makes its way into the hands of all Druze nationwide. If we are successful, we’ll be able to bring Druze into the community while ensuring we are counting those who already are.

Take the survey today!

You may hit the back button on the survey itself to go back to a question, but not on the web browser. Your information will not be recorded and you will have to begin the survey again. Please fill out one survey per household.


Feel free to send any questions to