Community Praise

Preserving our heritage and history by endowing a fellowship in the best halls of American academia for our future generations to cherish.

Manal Saab, ADF Chair

This endowment will ascertain the proper place of the Druze people in history instead of being a footnote to history.

Muneer Zaineldeen, ADF Founding Member

To advance knowledge about the rich history of the Druze and their noble traditions in the Middle East.

Nidal Radwan, ADS National President

The Druze Studies fellowship at Georgetown University is an academic attestation to the significance and contributions of this minority to Middle East history, culture and civilization.

Rabih Aridi, Community Member

This endowment housed at a leading American academic institution will ascertain the unique and enriching contributions of the Druze in history for years to come.

Wafa Saab, Community Member