The American Druze Foundation (ADF) mission is to advance a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Druze people while preserving the Druze cultural heritage in the United States by researching, documenting, and disseminating information about Druze values, history, culture and Tawheed faith.

As part of this mission, the ADF is particularly interested in encouraging a greater awareness of Druze values and traditions among the younger generations of American Druze. More broadly, the ADF strives to promote understanding and goodwill between the Druze community in the United Sates and other cultural and religious groups in the United States and throughout the world.

Photo of a banquet at the Druze convention
Druze Convention

The ADF aims to:

  1. Create and support comprehensive publishing, scholarships, research, and educational programs for the Druze people and the Tawheed faith, that meet high academic standards and serve to expand the available base of contemporary English language, educational materials, and publications concerning the Druze, and present the Druze people, scholars, historians, and the general public with a true image of the faith and its followers.
  2. Establish and manage a permanently endowed institution which aims at developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural heritage of the Druze people, as well as preserving and enhancing Tawheed faith and traditions within the Druze communities in the United States. Those aims are achieved through the establishment and/or sponsorship of a wide variety of programs and activities.
  3. Help establish Druze cultural centers across the United States, as well as libraries designed to become prime sources of information and reference repositories of Druze religious and cultural literature, as well as historical documents and artifacts.
  4. Provide an institutional structure through which the American Druze may participate in diverse interfaith activities and programs, and may share the richness of Druze values and traditions with other religious and cultural organizations.